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Guixi Preserved Shepherd¡¯s-purse

Monk Preserved Vegetable: It is made of preserved shepherd¡¯s-purse. When preserved, it is kept with pepper, garlic, poi, soybean, salt, a spot of sugar or liquorice. After one year¡¯s preservation, it is sour, spicy, salty and sweet, crisp ,tasty and refreshing, which is served as a home appetizer during the spring festival. Southern people prefer sweet, northern salty, eastern spicy and western sour in China. But people who don¡¯t like spicy and sour are also tempted by this dish. Nowadays, this preserved shepherd¡¯s-purse has been already produced in scale with more strict scientific techniques. You can get it at any time around the year and it is easy to take anywhere.

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