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Dragon and Tiger Mountain Scenic Spot Administration Committee

 I  Basic information of administration and development
   The first mountain of Chinese Taoism---Dragon and Tiger Mountain is the original place of Chinese Taoism, 20km away from southwestern part of Yingtan City, where is the leading resource for tourism with its advantageous geographical location and rich resources. The total planned aera is 320km2(including over 200km2 administrative area), where there are 6 scenic spots, Shangqing Palace, Zhengyi Palace, Xianshui Rock, Yingtian Mountain, Mazu Rock, Hongwu Lake with 99 peaks, 24 rocks and 108 natural and cultural scenic spots. Long standing Taoism culture, beautiful mountains and clear water and mysterious suspend coffins compose three main scenic spots in Dragon and Tiger Mountain. It was listed as state forest park in December 2000; 4A-grade scenic spot in January,2001; primary state geological park in March, 2001. Xianshui Suspend coffins graveyard was listed as national important cultural relic protection place. Agricultural park in Jiuquzhou is the demonstration place for agriculture tour in the country. Shangqing Monk Palace was listed as the national important cultural relic protection palace in 1983. In April, 2003, Dragon and Tiger Mountain, along with other scenic spots in Jiangxi Province, was certified to meet all standards of quality system ISO9001 and environment system ISO14001.

II  Development of administration system
    Current administration system is conducted by Yingtan Dragon and Tiger Mountain Scenic Spot Travel Administrative Committee, Yingtan Dragon and Tiger Mountain Scenic Spot Administration Bureau. They implement the granted functions by Yingtan municipal committee and municipal government through integrating local administration and scenic spots administration.
In May, 1993, based upon The Three Benefits, with the spirit of innovation and creation, Yingtan municipal committee and government made decision after considering administration system, the dominant element of Dragon and Tiger Mountain development, established Dragon and Tiger Mountain Scenic Spot Travel Bureau by combining Dragon and Tiger Mountain Scenic Spot Administration Bureau and Yingtan Tourism Bureau. The administration system is conducted with administrative functions granted by Yingtan municipal committee and government. At the same time, Shangqing Town and Dragon and Tiger Mountain Town were programmed to the administration area. Mixed localization of local administration, scenic spots administration and travel administration has been changed and uniform administration, management and investment has been formed to be in favor for Dragon and Tiger Tourism development. In order to improve the system and strengthen the functions, Dragon and Tiger Mountain Scenic Spot Tourism Administration Bureau was renamed as Dragon and Tiger Mountain Scenic Spot Tourism Committee. There are 29 organizations and direct units in the party committee and administration committee to exert ominidirectional functions of the party, government an public. In April, 2000, Haoling Village in Honghu Yujiang County and Shangqing Forest in Guixi were drawn to Dragon and Tiger Mountain Administration Committee. In 2001, based upon market operation and enterprises management, Dragon and Tiger mountain Travel Group company was set up to conduct uniform operation for all Dragon and Tiger Mountain resources, which also improved the management and promoted the tourism development. With the increasing demand for tourism development, municipal travel bureau was separately operated by municipal committee and government in September, 2003.
III  About Dragon and Tiger Mountain
 I  Basic Information
  The whole popedom area of Dragon and Tiger Mountain Scenic Spot is 200km2, where includes 32,500ha. Plantation and 220,000ha. Forest. 26 organizations are set up in which 6 party systematic organizations are approved by Urban organizing committee along with 14 administration organizations and 1 cooperated economic organization. Military Office, Public Office and other 3 organizations( Agriculture Development Head Office, Taoism Research Institution and Streets and Towns Construction Office) are founded also. It administers 2 towns(Shangqing Town and Dragon and Tiger Town) and 1 state forest(Shangqing Forest Center). There are 16 village committees, 2 residence committees, 67 villages and 138 village teams. It has a population of 31,000 person including 23,700 farmers. There are 9 standing units also( State Taxation Branch, Local Taxation Branch, Industrial and Commercial Branch, Technical Supervision Branch, Roads Branch, Traffic Investigation Bureau, Fire Control Brigade, Shangqing Court and Dragon and Tiger Power Supper Service Office).
ii  Composing
  There are 56 Party organizations in Dragon and Tiger Scenic Spot including 4 Party Committees, 1 Party Organization, 51 Party Branches. Party members amounted to 919 containing 807 men and 112 women. The number of staff in the administration units is 710(368 cadres, 243 teachers, 99 employees) with 546 men and 164 women. There are 12 county cadres including 11 direct cadres (containing 1 training cadre) and 1 research assistant; 92 section cadres(including 12 directors and vice directors) composed by 85 men and 7 women. Besides, there are 635 employees in Shangqing Forest Center and 133 employees in Dragon and Tiger Travel Group Co.(including 15 cadres and 118 employees).
iii  Economy
  In 2004, the GDP of Dragon and Tiger Mountrain is RMB180,000,000; financing income is RMB17,940,000; average farmer net income is RMB3,300. The number of tourists amounted to 1,212,000 and the direct income from tourism is RMB38,500,000.

IV  Current organizations
i.    8 Regional sections
   The Party Committee Office, Military Office, Organizing Office, Publicity Office, Politics and Laws Office, Religion Bureau, Supervision Bureau, Public Office.
ii.   18 Regional units
    Administration Committee Office, Travel Bureau, Programming and Construction Bureau, Culture and Education Bureau, Labor and Human Resources Bureau, Planned Economy Trade Bureau, Agriculture, Water and Power Bureau, Forest Bureau, Civil Administration Bureau, Public Security Branch, Traffic Bureau, State Land Bureau, Food Supplies Bureau, Supply and Marketing Organization, Roads Research Station, Agriculture Development Head Office, Streets and Towns Construction Office
iii.  3 Towns and centers
   Shangqing Town, Dragon and Tiger Mountrain Town, Shangqing Forest  Center
iv.  Dragon and Tiger Mountain Travel Group Corporation
v.   9 Standing units.
   Fire Control Brigade, State Taxation Branch, Local Taxation Branch, Industrial & Commercial Bureau, Technical Supervision Branch, Highway Branch, Traffic Investigation Bureau, Shangqing Court, Dragon and Tiger Mountain Power Supply Bureau.

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