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Urban Construction

I Introduction
There is obvious grads difference in unbalanced regional development in China. With China joined WTO and market economy is being improved, and industrial structure adjustment and upgrade in developed costal regions is being speeded up, regional grads difference shows an increase.  The difference promotes the margin capital in developed coastal regions shift to middle western regions. Simultaneously, failed industry and enterprises are being moved to surrounding regions.
As the main places of taking in this transferred capital and industry, most of middle cities had laid a good industrial foundation. Especially that some the big cities have all-sided economy and relatively concentrated industrial layout, which enables to utilize costal regions¡¯ transferred industry to develop local economy. But for the small cities, at the beginning of development and weak economy, there aroused lots of problems when facing the opportunities of development, like extensive urbanization, land resources development with low efficiency and repeated construction of infrastructures. The most typical example is that in order to develop economy, counties and cities have fierce competitions, which caused lack of awareness of cooperation in construction investment and industrial layouts, repeated project selection and development direction, more exclusion less cooperation, more competition less work and also has bad effect on city-town assort, continuous and steady development and reasonable utilization of resources. In a word, self governing, independent development and mutual competition cannot be able to win in all aspects.
Small cities take a great proportion in middle region cities and composed the foundation for middle region development. Therefore, we will discuss a general small city development mode which can be made full use when meeting common development opportunities and can make sense for common development. We take Yingtan City in Jiangxi Province as an example to discuss the small cities development mode in middle and western regions.
II General Information
Yingtan City, situated in the northeast of Jiangxi Province, is a municipality which administers one district(Moon Lake District), one city (Guixi City), one county(Yujiang County) and Dragon and Tiger mountain scenic spot. Bordering with Fujian,  it is of great effect for middle region being developed into developed coastal regions and northeast developed coastal cities entering middle regions. Under the background of main east and west development, Yingtan played a role to connect east and west with advantageous location.  No matter on area, population index or economy, Moon Lake District and Guixi City take a good proportion in Yingtan,


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