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Onway Stops

Line 1

Peopleí»s Hospital---Square---Chinese Medicine Hospital---China Unicom Company---No.184 Hospital---Antisepsis Factory---Retired Peopleí»s Place---Changhua Company---No.912 Brigade---Court---Police Station---Plum Tree Garden---No.6 Primary School---No.912 Brigade---Changhua Company---Retired Peopleí»s Place---Antisepsis Factory---No.184 Hospital---China Unicom Company--- Square --- Peopleí»s Hospital ---Railway Station(Start from 6:20 and Close at 22:10)

Line 2

Railway Station---Old Railway Station---Caiyuan Hotel---Grand Garden---Zhengda South Road---Shuangshui Keng---Meter Factory---Jianshe Crossing---East Lake Crossing---No.1 East Village---No.2 East Village---No.3 East Village---Post Office---Repair Factory---No.4 Villageí¬No.265 Brigade---No.261 Brigade---Government Building---Bach (Start from 6:20 and Close at 22:10)

Line 3

Railway Station---Moon Lake Restaurant---Yingtan Restaurant---No.5 Primary School---Plum Garden Market---Triangle Line---Fruit Market---Hardware Market---No.1 Geographical Brigade ---Traffic Police Detachment---320 Highway---Shanggui Village---Back---South Station Cargo Parking ----No.2 Railway Company---Hardwaare Market---Fruit Market---Triangle---Plum Garden Market---No.5 Primary School---Yingtan Restaurant---Moon Lake Restaurant---Railway Staion(Start from 6:20 and Close at 22:10)

Line 4

No.2 Chemic Factory---New Guest Station Village---Post Office Building---Fire Control Brigade---Peopleí» Hospital---Square---Chinese Medicine Hospital---Jianshe Road---Ximen Market---Arts Middle School---Ximen Village---Normal School---Back (Start from 6:20 and Close at 22:10)

Line 5

Railway Station---Sihai Road---Wuzhou Road---No.3 Middle School---Lotus Crossing---Lotus Market---Peopleí»s Hospital---Gingza Square---Park---Construction Bureau---Zhengda Street---Chinese Medicine Hospital---China Unicom Company---Old Retired People Bureau---East Lake Garden---Seasonal Fresh---Back  (Start from 6:20 and Close at 22:10)

Line 6

Railway Station---Peopleí»s Hospital---Square---Zhengda South Road---Triangle---Fruit Market---Hardware Market---No.1 Geographical Brigade--- Traffic Police Detachment ---320 Highway---Hongying Hotel---Back(Start from 6:20 and Close at 22:10)


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