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English£¾Yingtan Eye Glasses Market
Yingtan Eye Glasses Market

Yingtan Eye Glasses Market locates at Lotus Road with more than 183 years¡¯ history. It is one of the four specialized eye glasses wholesale markets. Early in Jiaqing period in Qing dynasty, there was a workshop that grinded glasses and made frames in Zhongtong Village, close to Yingtan. Jia, a business man with eye glasses, sold eye glasses with load on his shoulders. After reform and open-up, farmers in Zhongtong Village and around farmers, driven by the business awareness, brought vigor to this traditional industry. Early 1980s, eye glasses workshops moved to downtown Jiaotong Street, which formed Yingtan professional eye glasses market. Due to limited accommodation and future development, it moved to new Lotus road in 1990 with over 30ha. Land, construction area of 23,000km2, 124 business houses, 189 dwelling houses, total investment of RMB7,800,000. The whole service organizations were set up around the market. Focusing on the specialized eye glasses enterprises, it has more 5,000 salesmen all over the country to compose a large information network and give supply accordingly. There are more than 100 supply and markeing outlets and more than 500 repair and replacement supply places, along with wholesale place. Salesman¡¯left their footprint in Yun, Tibet, Xinjiang, Inner mongolia, and northeast China. Wholesale dominates Yingtan eye glasses market along with retail, processing and assembling. Eye glasses processing machines and aided equipments can be bought here, and at the same time, purchase order processing and mail order business are being developed.


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