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Natural and Geographical Conditions

        Yingtan City, downriver of Xin River, locates in northeast of Jiangxi Province,with a longitude between 11641and 11730and a latitude between 2735and 2840. With its east and north bordering on Geyang,Qianshan,Wannian and Yugan of Shangrao City,south and west neighbouring to Jinxi, Zixi and Dongxiang of Fushun City,and southeastern coign connecting with Guangze County of Fujian Province,Yingtan City historically guards gorge of Panshui and defends door of Xinzhou by its east connecting with Jiangshu and Zhejiang Province,south controlling Ou and Min.

      Situated in middle subtropics warm and humid monsoon district, Yingtan City features four clear seasons, mild weather,plentiful rain, abundant sunshine and long no frost time. In spring, its alternate coldness and warmth and weather change cause rainstorm frequently, even worse, flood disaster in flood season. Yingtan City has hot summer and cool fall, which leads to droughts constantly during these two seasons. With less frost and snow, Yingtans winter is warm. By weather standards, Yingtan has long summer and winter time and short spring and fall time(70 days in spring, 120 days in summer,62 days in fall and 113 days in winter).Its annual average temperature is18.1. Average temperature is 29.7 in the hottest month(July) and 5.6 in the coldest month(January).Annual extreme highest temperature is 41.0, which occurred on July 23,1991 in Yingtan; annual extreme lowest temperature is -15.1,which occurred on December 29,1991 in Yujiang. Average positive accumulated temperature above 0 is 6586.4;effective accumulated temperature above 10 is up to 5705.6,which lasts 252 days in average. Its up to 264 days without frost. Annual average rainfall is 1889.2mm; 186 days precipitation in average. Flood season(from April to June) precipitation occupies 48.3% in a year and drought season(from July to September) 20%.The maximum rainfall is 281.2mm in a day; constant 17 days with precipitation and constant 51 days without rainfall. Annual total solar radiation volume is 281.2 kka/cm; annual total circadian radiation volume is 63.1kka/cm; total effective photosynthesis radiation volume is 37.9kka/cm from April to October. All above characteristics suit for propagation.


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